GiWear Bloomed from a tall girls frustration with in the fashion industry. Years of having a hard time finding activewear that is not only long enough but also has a great fit is a constant struggle.

 Our mission is for each product to be made from a Taller Perspective. 

Our CEO is 5'10" and all legs and arms. she's always dealt with the flood pants challenge growing up as her legs grew longer beyond her years. Today she embraces her 36" inseam along with her long arms. Just like you she shares the same struggles as most tall women who have long limbs do and decided to make a difference one garment at a time. 

Search by Inseam is THE site to go to when you're looking to find the right inseam length for your gorgeous gams. Corrine is the fabulous, firery owner of this ingenious idea. 

What she does is scour the internet looking for all styles of pants and inseam lengths  connects with the companies and puts it all together in one handy dandy website. 

Make sure you bookmark this site as it'll be your go to in no time at all by saving you hours of hunting down those elusive lengths us tallies need!


Tallternative Retail is where you’ll find well over 20,000 tall members from across more than 65 countries worldwide all looking for tall female clothing and larger footwear.

All sharing their finds, making recommendations and asking questions about where they can find items. 

And retailers will tell you about their products made for tall or footwear for those with larger feet.