The challenges of being tall and over 50.

I've Had Enough.

All my life I've had trouble finding clothes that fit me, thank god my Mom was a wizard behind the sewing machine and was able to sew ALL of my jeans and some t-shirts growing up. Thank goodness for her skill or I'd have been in skirts 24/7, which definitely wasn't my thing as a kid with two younger brothers.

Fast forward to adulthood, remember this was well before the internet and long inseams being a thing, I'd scour my local stores to find t-shirts that I could tuck in and would stay in place, yes that was the fashion then, so buying shirts that were too big just to squeak out the length I needed became the norm. As the years went by I did find clothes that fit, it was like winning the lottery I tell you, it was far and few apart. Pulling sleeves up so you couldn't see they weren't quite long enough, wearing jeans as capris because it became too much work to search for long jeans and wearing t-shirts that were a bit short on me but I could fudge them to make it work... dressing became a full time job and I kinda got used to it... for a while.

One day I woke up, in my late 40's, only to find my waist had disappeared and I was fluffy in places I'd never been fluffy before. Hello menopause, thanks for the rude introduction.. shit!


I was suddenly in the space my mom and her friends had been bitching about for years... what to wear now as my old style of clothes just didn't look or fit right anymore and wearing grandma clothes was NOT an option... just waaayyyyy  to young for that. I googled the hell out of long t-shirts, some with graphics some without (graphics that weren't for 25 year olds.. good luck). I decided to create my own store, using drop shipping,that had longer t-shirts with cool graphics to fill that hole, I and many other women, were in. Well let's just say it was a bit of a disaster. The quality of the shirts were crap, the printing of the graphic was lousy, shirts were shorter than advertised and getting them shipped from my printing dude and endless headache. 

I called BULLSHIT!!

I knew then that I had to take charge, blame my mom for being a go getter lol, and hit the internet to make and sell shirts that I'd be proud to share and fit the way I knew women would want for the ages that want this in-between their aged out style and granny clothes. Here I am in the midst of creating the perfect t-shirt for taller, older women who want to look current, put together and feel like a million bucks.

Stay tuned for what happens next....


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