Embracing Your Height

Embracing Your Height

            Embrace the Tall, Maturing Woman Mindset

Most of you life you've been trying to hide your height by slouching and avoiding being "seen" as much as you can, sound familiar? It's time to look at your  height as an advantage, shift your perspective to see it as a privilege and as a powerful characteristic. Having a physical attribute that sets us apart from the crowd and draws attention can be incredibly empowering so why not  use this to our advantage and embrace our height confidently.

Adopting a tall privilege mindset, isn't hoity toity,  means recognizing the value in our unique physical traits. Appreciating the way our height gives us a commanding presence in a room , helps us stand out in a crowd and helps us earn more money too!. It's about realizing that being tall is not something to be ashamed of but rather something to be proud of.

Being tall rocks!. Stop slouching, it’s bad for your neck and look like you’re waiting for a penny to fall from the sky. Shoulders back, chest up and hold yourself like you own the room,, that shows strength and confidence. Use your height to make a statement through fashion, choosing pieces that accentuate our height rather than hiding i not only does it make you look like a million bucks but you’ll get more comments on your style than your height. Over time you’ll do this without feeling self conscious and that will help you feel more confident about your glorious height.

As maturing  women, we have the wisdom and life experience to understand the importance of embracing and celebrating our unique physical attributes. When we adopt a tall confidant mindset, we can use our height to stand out with confidence and grace and be the envy of your less height gifted friends. 

Being a tall, maturing woman needs to be celebrated, not feared. Recognize your unique gift, develop a positive mindset about how amazing you are, and search out style inspirations that suits you.. Don't let average height envy bring you down. Embrace yourself as a tall woman and use your height as a tool to exude confidence and power. Remember, embracing your height is about positivity, confidence, and celebrating your uniqueness Use these tips to help you lead an inspiring life as a tall and confident woman. As Diane von Furstenberg once said, "Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good."

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