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I typically don't wear t-shirts out of the house, because they're always too short and ride up. I love, love, love my new Sassy 'n Tall tee! It's soft, thick and very well-made. PLUS, it's long!! I'm in tee-shirt heaven!! P.S. I’m 5’6.

Nathalie Napoleon

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Oh I’m so happy with my “Sassy n Tall” t-shirt. I am 5’9” and a medium fits perfectly. Love the colour! Love the style! Love the length! Love the fabric! Love the attention to detail!

Grace Antonides

Our customer 💜

FINALLY!!! A good quality shirt that is actually long enough for me!!! I’ve already purchased 3 shirts & can’t wait for the new colours to be available! ❤️ The small details & finishing make this shirt exceptional! Thank you!!! I'm 5'10

Kate R

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VaVaVa Voom~ V-Neck T-Shirt OMG! I wasn't sure about buying this T-shirt, I can usually find *some* options in stores or other places online, but WOW! I have never had a T-shirt fit me this well before! I am 5'10" and 250 lbs, so always shopping in the plus-size anyway, but so AMAZING to have a t-shirt fit me in the shoulders, the arms, the chest, the waist AND all the way down to my hips! The fabric quality is so excellent and the styling is perfect! I've just bought two more, one in the new blue colour and really excited about the lower neckline with the V-neck - it'll be even more flattering! Thanks for making me feel like a million bucks!

Rachel C.

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The Best T-Shirt for Extra Long Length is Here

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  • No constant tugging and tucking in.

  • Comfortable and stylish no matter where you go.

  • Husband wash proof and colourfast.


Ethically made from sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics.

“SassynTall is Great.”

Wow just got this today and I love it! I am 60 yrs old, 5 ft 10 in and 160 lbs and a medium fits perfect! I can’t wait to order another and tell a few of my tall friends about this great company.


Jennifer W.

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  1. 1. How long does it take to pack and ship my order? Is tracking included?

    Orders are picked and shipped quickly, 1-3 business days,all orders are shipped to Canada and the USA have tracking included,international orders have the option to add tracking. 
  2. 2. Why is this product more expensive than other retailers?

    Simple, these tees are made in small batches so even the smallest imperfection is caught. The fabric that was chosen keeps the enviroment safe as well is of exceptional quality. All the manufacturing is done right here in Canada rather than overseas. 
  3. 3. What if I receive the wrong item or it doesn't fit?

    Don't worry! You have 28 days to return an item back from the day you received the parcel. Unfortunately,returns outside of this time frame can't be accepted. Once we receive your item you'll get an email to let you know your corrected order is on the way.
  4. 4. How do I check where my order is??

    Check your shipping confirmation email that has your tracking number on it. Make sure you check your junk folder if you don't see it in your inbox. If you're still in doubt send a message using the live chat portal or contact form.

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Use Your Favourites

Use your favourite accessories you already have to create your style to a tee! Made it casual and comfortable for a workout, dress your t-shirt up for a work casual look or add a statement necklace and stylish pair of boots for a classy yet comfortable look you can wear from day to night.


Detail of product

Start with a great fitting t-shirt that fits like it was tailor made just for you, pair it with your favourite jeans and you've got a base for any casual outift you come up with.
This is why this t-shirt is so special. Certified eco friendly and sustainable. Long length, never shrinks and fits perfectly on the tall frame
Tall t-shirt for women. Model is 6'0 wearing mid heather grey in a classic scoop neck..  For the classy, casual outfit.
Exceptional detailing  on the seaming down the back center of the tee, the double stiching on the arm hem are just a few notable details that set this tee apart from the rest.
Tall woman tee, measure the chest, hip and length for the perfect  fit.  Go a size up for a relaxed look or a size down for a more fitted option to really flaunt your curves.
Fandango Pink, a super fashionable colour for the casual outfit wearer. Go from walking the dog to lunch with the gals. This t-shirt won't fade before you do.
Can't decide on which neckline to choose? It's easy now , get one of each and enjoy the benefit of having more than one option in these exceptionally made t-shirts for the tall woman.
Here's another peek at the exceptional quality that was demanded during manufacturing, double seamed hems and necklines, a curved fit to showcase yuor beautiful figure and fabric that won't shrink or fade no matter who does the laundry.
Tall woman t-shirts, extra long, colours for every style, casual clascic outfits
Tall women need wider shoulders and longer sleeve length to accomodate our longer bones that make us so spectacularly special. That's why our shirts stand out in the crowd from other mass made t-shirts you can find  on so many clothing sites.

Scoop Neck ~ Still Got It Tee

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Tall Women Problems: Solved!

Extra long tees for tall women!

This casual tee features a relaxed fit and extra long length to keep you...

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Pre-Order Small and Medium sizes. 

 Why These T-Shirts Are So Fabulous

What makes these tees so darn special anyways? 


Throw away fashion is so out of style nowadays. Certified eco-friendly and sustainable, fabric were chosen because the enviroment matters.


Designed by a tall women who knows the frustrations of trying to find a classic t-shirt that actually fits as its described. 


Made with the best quality fabrics that could be found, these t-shirts are incredibly comfortable, no bra showing through here so they’re professional enough for work yet casual enough for everyday wear


Colour fast, never shrinks no matter who does the laundry. Lasts far beyond flash fashion and is sure to become the go to piece in your wardrobe.
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Designed and Manufactured in North America
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5 Stylish Colours

There are five gorgeous colours to choose from! Whether you prefer a classic black or something a little bolder like our fandango pink, there’s a colour to suit every taste.